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For most of its history, Germany has been a mix of semi-independent principalities and city-states. Conceivably because of this, Germans tend to retain a strong regional identity. Each region of Germany has its own gastronomic specialties, varying according to geography and history.

Taking advantage of the region’s diverse landscape, from coastal regions to mountainous regions, the cuisine in Northwestern Germany or Lower Saxony includes a wide variety of dishes. Because of its closeness to the North Sea and Baltic Sea, seafood is a major part of the cuisine in the coastal areas. Wurst or sausage, and cured meats are also very common. It is also where the internationally known Braunschweiger Wurst is produced.

Due to cultural similarities, the cuisine of Southern Germany is closely related to the Bohemian and Austrian cuisines. The southern region of Bavaria features rugged mountains and the famous Black Forest. Black Forest cherry cake and tortes are famous contributions from this area. Cooking in Southwestern Germany or Swabian cuisine has almost every food dunked, crumbled or covered in sauce or broth.

Despite the differences, there are also foods shared by all regions. Spätzle, tiny dumplings, are the southern version of Knödel, potato dumplings, of the north. In addition to potatoes, bread is the staple food of the German. Pork, beef and poultry are the main varieties of meat consumed, with pork being the most popular. Thyme, parsley, laurel, chives, black pepper, caraway, and juniper berries are popular spices. Cinnamon and cardamom can often be found in dishes in Christmas time. With the exception of horseradish and mustard for wurst, German dishes are rarely hot and spicy.

My intention is to share the enjoyment of our scrumptious German cuisine with those who enjoy the great tastes of the world. A lot of time and effort has gone into translating and compiling this Internet cooking resource, so that we could share our culture and favorite German dishes with you. The recipes here are a true representation of the lifestyle and richness of our German culture.